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Multifunctional biological feed -- Jiao Xian

Recently, due to the influence of international trade competition, the price of feed materials has soared, especially the price of large raw materials: corn and soybean meal. The price of corn has nearly doubled, and the price of soybean meal is also at a high level, which leads to the rapid increase of the raising cost of farmers. How to control and save the feed cost and improve the benefit of breeding has become a difficult problem for the farmers.

Facing the above problems, our company has issued a new generation of multifunctional biological feed, Jiao Xian. Jiao Xian is a national product of introducing international (US) advanced science and technology projects and national 863 project. It is an immunotrophic fermentation product, which can replace the refined material supplement, jianweisan, fermentation material and immune enhancer, and significantly reduce the raising cost. The fresh fermentation can provide high quality immune probiotics and bacterial protein for cattle and sheep. At the same time, the fermentation of immune Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactobacillus can stimulate mucosal immunity, improve immune function and disease resistance ability, and reduce the cost of drug use. Mucosa is the largest tissue in ruminant cattle and sheep, which is composed of respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary tract and other mucosa. It is an important part of material exchange and information exchange between animal body and internal and external environment. More than 95% of infectious diseases pathogens invade the body through mucosa, such as E.coli, Salmonella, infectious gastroenteritis virus, epidemic diarrhea virus, etc. The mucosal barrier is the first barrier to resist the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. The barrier is mainly composed of microbial flora, and forms an independent immune system with unique immunologic function, namely, mucosal immune system. The main advantage of the enzyme fresh can directly stimulate mucosal immunity is that it can directly stimulate the rich lymphoid tissue under the mucosa to produce a large number of immune active cells and antibodies (sIgA) directly cut off the way of pathogenic microorganisms invading the organism.

It can be seen from the results that Jiao Xian can significantly increase the feed intake of mutton sheep and solve the problem of leftover feed in the process of mutton sheep breeding.

1. This product is rich in nutrients, with balanced nutrition and high bioavailability, which can reduce feed costs.
2. Outstanding palatability, significantly increase the feed intake of beef cattle and sheep.
3. Promote the carbohydrate and nitrogen cycle, increase the conversion rate of beef cattle and sheep's concentrated feed, and improve production performance.
4. Fermentation with immune-type Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactic acid bacteria provides animals with abundant immune-functional probiotics and bacterial proteins, stimulates mucosal immunity, improves immune function and disease resistance, and reduces feeding costs.
5. This product can quickly increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and improve the microecological environment of the digestive tract.
6. Degrade mycotoxins through physical adsorption and biodegradation to achieve the effect of demolition and detoxification.
Applicable objects: ruminants.
Usage and dosage: add 10%~20% of the concentrate. Add 5% for the first three days, then gradually increase to 10%, and increase to 15% after one week, and gradually increase to 20% after two weeks according to the growth situation. Using this product can reduce the amount of ration fed.
Storage and transportation method: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances.
Note: Please use it as soon as possible after opening to avoid deterioration.
For fermented products, the color of each batch changes slightly, which does not affect the use effect.
Avoid damage to the inner bag during transportation, damage or use up the same day after opening. It is forbidden to use it when it is damaged and mildewed.
Shelf life: The shelf life of the original packaging product is 6 months.