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Siwei Power

At present, the breeding environment of mutton sheep is relatively poor, and they are all located in rural areas. They are mainly farmed by retail households, and there are relatively few intensive and large-scale farms. Although the rural breeding technology has improved to a certain extent, the knowledge of breeding is not comprehensive enough, and the corresponding breeding equipment and materials are lacking. Therefore, the predetermined fattening effect cannot be achieved in the breeding process, and the breeding management that occurs in the fattening process The problems cannot be solved by technical solutions, especially in the process of fattening, a series of problems such as decreased feed intake, fecal adhesion, and physiological diarrhea have caused great troubles for farmers.
In the face of the above problems, our company has developed a nutritive micro-ecology that uses the deep fermentation technology of small molecules of traditional Chinese medicine-Siwei Power. This product not only has the characteristics of rich nutrition, reasonable components, and strong biological functions, but also uses the latest Fermentation technology-small molecule deep fermentation technology, which significantly improves the efficacy of the product. Meat sheep (cattle) is not only "greedy for fat", it can also enhance the body's immunity, inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, and improve the disease resistance and stress resistance of beef cattle and sheep. ability.

Siwei Power can significantly increase the feed intake of fattening sheep. In a mutton farm in Jiangsu, the customer was very worried and anxious due to the fact that the feed intake was unable to increase, and there was a serious surplus of feed. Use our product four-guard power, add in accordance with three thousandths of the concentrate. The product effects are as follows:

It can be seen from the results that the use of Siwei Power can significantly increase the feed intake of mutton sheep and solve the problem of leftover material in the mutton sheep breeding process. Through observation and comparison, it is found that the phenomenon of overfeeding in the feces has been significantly improved, and the coarse fibers in the feces have become thinner and thinner. Shorter, the content is reduced; the crude fiber in the feces of the control group is thicker and longer, and the content is more.
Siwei Power No. 1 is composed of Bacillus subtilis, Candida utilis, yeast culture, hawthorn, and barley germ with high enzyme activity. It has the characteristics of rich nutrition, reasonable composition and strong biological function.

1. Improve the environment of the rumen:
The synergistic effect of multiple strains can promote the rumen microecological balance, quickly increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate rumen peristalsis, increase the conversion rate of forage, and promote the growth of mutton sheep.
2. Increase feed rate and nutrient supply, and increase daily gain:
Metabolism produces a variety of digestive enzymes, which can effectively promote the digestive function of the rumen and improve the digestion of nutrients. At the same time, Candida utilis can provide abundant single-cell protein and metabolites, which can quickly provide nutrients for mutton sheep and increase daily weight gain of mutton sheep. .
3. Digest food and invigorate the stomach, promote growth and fattening:
The natural green plant hawthorn is sour and sweet, rich in many organic acids such as maslinic acid and lipase. The barley germ contains various digestive enzymes. The combination of the two can effectively enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients while increasing feed intake and promote mutton sheep ( Cattle) grow and fatten.
4. Enhance immunity and enhance body health:
The effective combination of probiotics, natural plants, and yeast cultures can adjust the balance of rumen flora, improve the rumen internal environment, promote intestinal health, enhance the immune function of the intestinal mucosa, improve the body's resistance, and comprehensively enhance the mutton sheep’s immune function. Health level.