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Prevent bird flu


The temperature is gradually rising, but the bird flu still does not mean to abate. It occurs frequently at home and abroad, and the phenomenon of human infection in Russia should be taken seriously! The current front-line personnel report that the increase in influenza is mainly caused by the diurnal temperature stress, the current increase in temperature, and the improper ventilation management of the farm. With dry weather and low humidity, the disease is more difficult to treat, and the heat stress in summer is still great! At present, the focus of breeding chickens, ducks and geese is to prevent and control influenza scientifically! In particular, poultry diseases are becoming more and more complex, and it is more difficult to prevent and control mixed infections. Avian influenza, as a major infectious disease, easily induces other diseases or weakens immune resistance when other diseases occur. It is also easy to be infected with avian influenza, etc., and the risk is very high. It's getting harder and harder to raise! In the face of the current situation, don't entangle and wait and see, reduce illnesses and increase income in time! Wild birds fly around, cut off the spread, strengthen immune prevention and control, don't be careless!

Many farms are afraid of getting sick, and they are also very worried. They think that the virus already exists and the situation is urgent. Is it too late for immunization? On the basis of the existing immunization, what measures can be quickly strengthened? Experts remind that it is never too late to have a sound and comprehensive immune system. Only injections and mucosal immunity can provide complete protection. Pay special attention to the effect of mucosal immunity on the same day! Everyone knows that vaccination has a blank period of 2-3 weeks of immunity. How can this weak link of immunity be protected? Especially for meat, chicken, ducks, etc. that are quickly released for slaughter, they are usually released for more than 30 days, and the vaccine will take effect in 2-3 weeks to produce protection. It is not far from the slaughter. 

How to better prevent the epidemic? The advantage plan is to replenish mucosal immunity in time.

At the same time, mucosal immunity establishes the body's first line of defense. More than 95% of diseases occur in mucosal tissues or invade the body through mucosal tissues. Therefore, it is very important for mucosal immunity to bear the brunt. If the animal body is compared to a city, then mucosal immunity is equivalent. The city wall is the first line of defense to prevent the virus from outside the body. The first line of defense for the city wall to be attacked by the enemy is the first line of defense. We all hope to keep the virus out of the body. We must actively improve the integrity and strength of the mucosal tissue and establish it in time. Efficient mucosal immune protection!