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Dairy Beef Market

The dairy cattle market is part of the booming dairy industry. The value of hybrid beef calves that are now several days old is 6-7 times that of calves of the same age before. But the process of entering this market requires careful planning.
What to consider:
There are many ways to succeed, but the three common ways to raise and sell hybrid cattle are: 
1.Selling newborn calves; 
2.Raising suckling calves until weaning and then selling them; 
3.Raising and selling after fattening. 

Evaluate your facilities, breeding procedures, personnel, time and point of sale, and understand what you can and want to do based on the capabilities of the ranch and the best benefit plan. Facilities: Does the ranch have enough space to raise more cattle? If so, where and how? If the number of heads per capital on your farm has reached the maximum, please avoid over-raising calves and consider temporarily adding or building new stables. Feeding procedures: What are the nutritional needs of hybrid cattle? If you sell them during the lactation phase or after weaning, the same milk or milk replace as the dairy calf is suitable. However, after weaning, especially at 4 months of age, the dietary requirements of hybrid cattle and dairy calves are different. Consider the products that can be used, the amount of feed stored and the feed provided for these cattle to maintain profitability. Management and labor: Are there any personnel to feed, care and manage these cattle? If needed, can additional labor be hired? Have you discussed this plan with your nutrition consultant, veterinarian, and consultant? Point of sale: Determining the available points of sale will help determine when to raise cattle. Due to the recent epidemic, it may be difficult to find a slaughterhouse. If you have finished fattening but have not further signed a sales contract, it may be difficult to sell in a short period of time.

Once you have determined that dairy beef cattle are the right choice, the next step is to choose the right frozen semen. Both high genetic quality and low genetic quality frozen semen can be used, and both may have different effects on beef cattle sales. In addition to choosing frozen semen, it takes some time to develop a nutritional plan. Compared with dairy cows, beef cattle consume energy and store fat in a different way. Efficient feeding and fattening of hybrid oregano market weight will enable you to obtain greater profits.