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In the case of rising feeding costs, Jiao xian will help you raise cattle and sheep! ! !


Recently, affected by international trade competition, the prices of feedstock materials have skyrocketed, especially the prices of bulk materials: corn and soybean meal. The price of corn has nearly doubled, and the price of soybean meal is also at a high level, leading to a sharp increase in the breeding costs of farmers and friends. How to control and save feed costs and improve breeding efficiency has become a problem for farmers. At the same time, affected by the 2020 ban on resistance, old and new diseases have recurred, and repeated epidemics have led to increased medication costs and higher mortality and elimination rates, which has brought greater losses to farmers. Especially recently, in beef cattle and sheep, the incidence of infectious gastroenteritis and epidemic diarrhea is high, and the mortality rate is high, which has brought great losses to farmers.

In the face of the above problems, our company has developed a new generation of multifunctional biological feed-fermented Jiao xian.

Jiao xian can provide high-quality immune probiotics and bacterial proteins for cattle and sheep. At the same time, it can be fermented with immune-type Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactic acid bacteria to stimulate mucosal immunity, improve immune function and disease resistance, and reduce medication costs. Mucosa is the tissue with the largest surface area in the body of ruminant cattle and sheep. It is composed of mucous membranes such as the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and genitourinary tract. It is an important part of the material exchange and information exchange between the animal body and the internal and external environment. More than 95% of infectious disease pathogenic microorganisms invade the body from mucous membranes, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, transmissible gastroenteritis virus, epidemic diarrhea virus and so on. The mucosal barrier is the body's first barrier against the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. The mucosal barrier is mainly a microbial barrier composed of microbial flora, forming an independent immune system with unique immunological functions-the mucosal immune system. Jiao xian can directly stimulate mucosal immunity. Its main advantage is that it directly stimulates the abundant lymphoid tissues under the mucosa to produce a large number of immunologically active cells and antibodies (SIgA) to directly cut off the path of pathogenic microorganisms invading the body.

Jiao xian can significantly improve the palatability of the product. In a mutton farm in Tang County, Hebei Province, the customer was in a hurry to feed, and there was a serious surplus in the feed trough in the evening, and the customer was very worried and anxious. Use our product  Jiao xian, according to 20% of the concentrate, sprinkle directly in the trough. In the same trough, half of the Jiao xian is sprinkled, and the other half is not sprinkled. The product effects are as follows:

It can be seen from the results that the use of Jiao xian food can significantly improve the palatability of mutton sheep, increase feed intake, and solve the problem of leftover feed in the process of mutton sheep breeding.

1. This product is rich in nutrients, with balanced nutrition and high bioavailability, which can reduce feed costs.
2. Outstanding palatability, significantly increase the feed intake of beef cattle and sheep.
3. Promote the carbohydrate and nitrogen cycle, increase the conversion rate of beef cattle and sheep's concentrated feed, and improve production performance.
4. Fermentation with immune-type Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactic acid bacteria provides animals with abundant immune-functional probiotics and bacterial proteins, stimulates mucosal immunity, improves immune function and disease resistance, and reduces feeding costs.
5. This product can quickly increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and improve the microecological environment of the digestive tract.
6. Degrade mycotoxins through physical adsorption and biodegradation to achieve the effect of demolition and detoxification.
Applicable objects: ruminants.