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Improving feed conversion rate of pigs


The final economic benefit of pig breeding lies in the profit after the pig goes on the market. The economic benefit of a pig is in addition to sow sharing, vaccine, veterinary medicine, artificial labor, water and electricity, etc. In the end, how much a pig can earn depends on the daily gain and feed to meat ratio in the whole fattening stage. Therefore, fat pig is the final embodiment of the whole pig farm.


However, for pig breeding in China, the digestibility and utilization rate of feed is not high. In foreign countries, the feed to weight ratio is about 2.4:1, but in China, the feed to weight ratio is as high as 3:1 or more. Is it because the pig breed bred by genetic breeding is not good? Is it because the pig farm environment is not perfect? Is it because of the bad breeding environment? These are some restrictive factors, but if we analyze them carefully, they are not big factors, they can also be said to be very small factors. What is the reason?


Let's take the digestion and absorption of protein in the stage of fattening pigs as an example to calculate: at present, one of the best feed rewards is that the feed to meat ratio is about 2.5 in the whole period, which means that 2.5kg of feed is 1kg of meat, 2500g of protein, and 16% of the feed contains 400g of protein. The protein content in 1000 g pig body was 13.2%, and the protein transformed in pig body was 132 G. Then the conversion is 130 divided by 400, which is 33%. Nearly 70% of the proteins were not utilized. The reason why the utilization rate is only about 33% is closely related to the digestibility and feed nutrition of pigs.


In the diet, there are many anti nutritional factors, such as trypsin inhibitor, lignin, water-soluble non starch polysaccharides, water-insoluble non starch polysaccharides. These antinutritional factors can inhibit the digestion of nutrients by intestinal enzymes. However, these antinutritional factors can not be well removed by the processing technology in the process of feed processing, and can only be eaten into the intestine of pigs, which affects the activity of digestive enzymes in the intestine of pigs and reduces the overall digestive ability of pigs to feed.


In China, the use of feed antibiotics for a long time has seriously damaged the intestinal microflora, and also caused the imbalance of intestinal microflora structure. The height of intestinal villi is seriously reduced, but the crypt depth is deepening, which has a serious impact on the absorption area and absorption capacity of nutrients.


The digestion of nutrients and the absorption capacity of intestinal tract to nutrients are reduced, which directly leads to the obvious reduction of feed utilization rate of pigs. Therefore, supplement of exogenous can improve feed conversion rate, at the same time, palatability and food attractiveness are better, and there is no antibiotic and other hormone fattening agent is particularly necessary.


There are many fattening products on the market, including flavoring food attractants, stomach tonifying products, enzyme preparations and hormone like substances. Why is it so different from the products on the market.

This product has the natural sour flavor that pigs like very much.


This product has group B vitamins produced by fermentation.


This product contains plant polypeptides that promote protein synthesis.


This product is rich in enzymes, but also contains enzymes that can remove anti nutritional factors.


This product is a product that can make pigs eat more and increase feed intake by more than 10%. This product can increase daily gain by 10% - 15% and shorten the marketing time by 7-10 days. This product can reduce the material weight ratio from 3:1 to 2.5:1. This product is also a product to reduce the harmful gas of pig house by 60% - 90% and purify the ecological environment of pig house.


At the same time, this product can not only reduce the waste of feed, but also improve the disease resistance of pigs. It is a kind of fattening product with good effect in nutrition and immunity.