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Introduction of Feed additives


Feed additives are used in animals to provide improved digestibility, preserve feeds and enhance the quality. Feed additives are non-nutritive products and are increasingly used in commercial animal production. Animal feed additives market size will grow with the rising consumption of enzymes.

Growing concerns for safety & quality of meat and meat products owing to numerous disease outbreaks in livestock including foot & mouth infections, bird flu and swine flu in past decade should drive global animal feed additives market size. Surge in consumption of meat products owing to rising consumer per capita income along with shift in consumer food behavior towards protein rich diet should further strengthen industry growth.
Global feed production surpassed 1,000 million tons in 2016. Asia Pacific witnessed highest production and accounts for over 350 million tons in 2016. Growth in livestock production for meat consumption accompanied with government initiatives such as schemes and subsidies promoting livestock health and production may drive industry growth in this region.
Livestock need ample energy source for essential life processes which includes muscular activity. Feed provides all essential nutrients and high fiber content such as proteins, carbohydrates & fats, vitamins and growth stimulants thereby increasing digestive metabolism, efficiency, growth and immunity mainly in young livestock.
These additives enhance yield & quality of feed resulting enhanced animal performance and health. China meat consumption exceeded 50 kilo tons in 2016 and should surpass 60 kilo tons by 2024. Increasing meat product consumption in China, Malaysia, India and Thailand due to high livestock production and efficient distribution network through retail stores and supermarkets should stimulate industry growth.
Strict regulatory regimes regarding ban on antibiotics or antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in U.S and Europe owing to bioaccumulation of antibiotics in gastrointestinal tract creates resistance to medicines. Thus, should boost market for replacements with natural growth promoters like probiotics, antioxidants and amino acids. Increased government interventions in food & feed safety with rising investments, laying forth policies and regulations to standardize meat products should drive product demand.
Positive outlook for increasing investments & financial assistance for livestock farming as supplementary business as agriculture for catering growing meat demand & supportive technological innovations in processing equipment should drive animal feed additives demand. Growing emphasis on livestock nutrition for providing quality meat products is rising to its utmost importance to support consumer health & diet which should positively influence product demand.
Global packaged food & beverage industry is expected to surpass USD 3 trillion by 2024. Strong global demand for packaged meat & meat products by consumers owing to busy work schedule and increasing disposable income. Development of new technology along with constant improvement in finished products will steer industry growth. Growing life expectancy, limited availability of water and optimal feed utilization in meat industry should further strengthen product demand.