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Microbial water quality improver—— Water Vitality


Special microbial water quality improver for aquarium


Main ingredients: Bacillus subtilis, enzyme preparation, etc., the number of live bacteria is more than or equal to 5.0 × 10^8cfu / g.


Product properties: yellow white powder or crystal


Scope of application: seawater aquarium aquaculture water body and freshwater aquarium aquaculture water body


Product features: This product is a scientific and technological achievement developed according to the characteristics of aquarium aquaculture water body. It has excellent adsorption purification and biodegradation functions. It can remove suspended solids, purify water body, eliminate harmful substances and pathogenic microorganisms in water body, establish long-term flora balance, degrade feces, remove ammonia nitrogen, and play a long-term role in regulating water quality.


Functional features: 1. Promote the settlement of feces, food residues and other harmful substances in the water, enter the filtration system, and finally be decomposed into non-toxic and harmless substances for aquatic animals by probiotics;


2. Remove harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, regulate water quality and activate water body;


3. When the content of organic matter in aquarium is high, the water quality is aging and the transparency is low, this product can significantly improve the transparency;


4. This product has the function of inhibiting the excessive growth of algae, and can prevent the occurrence of algae cylinder burst;


5. This product can effectively remove the fishy smell in the aquarium and reduce the frequency and frequency of changing water;


6. When using disinfection and insecticidal drugs, use this product to clean the water first, which can better ensure the disinfection and insecticidal effect.


Usage and dosage: 1. It is recommended to add once a week according to the dosage of 3 G for 100 L water body; 2. Dissolve the product in 300 ml-500 ml water and add it to the water body of aquarium after mixing evenly. During the use of the product, the oxygen explosion effect of aquarium is better; 3. When the water quality deteriorates or there are too many suspended particles in the water body, the dosage can be increased appropriately.


Precautions: 1. This product is soluble in water, if there is moisture absorption and caking, it will not affect the use effect, and the bottle cap shall be tightened in time after use; 2. During the use of the product, it is recommended to explode oxygen in aquarium to have better use effect; 3. The ornamental fish has rotten gills and other diseases, and can only be used after treatment; 4. This product contains highly active probiotics, so do not use other killers 48 hours before using this product Bacteria and aquatic products.


Storage conditions: cool, dry, dark and ventilated.


Shelf life: the shelf life of the original package is 12 months.


Package specification: 30g / bottle.


Production date: see bottle body.