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Shandong Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd wishes you a happy New Year


On the arrival of 2021, Baolai-leelai would like to extend new year's greetings and heartfelt wishes to all friends who support, care and help us. May everything come true in the new year!


What 2020 will leave us is the development mark of carrying forward, the year 2020 will leave us with outstanding achievements under hard work,there are challenges and opportunities in 2020.The year 2020 is not only a time node on our road of struggle, but also an indelible and important chapter.


In 2021, it has been 25 years since the establishment of Baolai-laalai. In the past 25 years, Baolai-laalai has not changed its mind and forge ahead.


We are committed to the great dream of ecological breeding and food safety;


To seize the commanding height of lactic acid bacteria industry, we have  stronger voice;


We are striving to build a global platform for micro ecological innovation of immunity and anti infection;


Serving hundreds of millions of farmers around the world, exporting cost-effective products and breeding programs is our goal.


In the past 25 years, generations of Baolai-leelai people have devoted their time to the common ideal of struggle.


Over the past 25 years, it has accumulated bit by bit, leading the industry in the research and development of innovative technology and future science and technology.


25 years, no regrets, with sincere love, dedication, public welfare heart to help farmers and farmers develop ecological undertakings.


In 2021, we are at a new starting point to meet the future challenges.


We are soberly aware that there is a long way to go. We need to scale up our development, improve our management, strengthen our core competitiveness, expand our market share and improve our service capacity!


However, we firmly believe that the Baolai-leelai people are the most tenacious farsighted people, and their dreams will come true in the end.The future of 2021 can be expected!