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Academic committee meeting of Shandong Key Laboratory of animal microecological preparations in 2020 successfully held


On December 6, 2020, top micro ecological experts from well-known universities and scientific research institutes gathered in Shandong Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. to attend the academic committee meeting of Shandong Key Laboratory of animal microecology preparations in 2020.


According to the "Shandong key laboratory management measures" and combined with the actual work, the academic committee of the laboratory was changed, and the progress of laboratory research and development was summarized. According to the overall planning and research direction of Key Laboratory, the academic committee condensed and guided the next research direction.

The new academic committee made a speech on the main development direction and goal of Provincial Key Laboratory, and discussed the current development process, importance, application fields and related fields of microecology. It was agreed that the research on Microecology is of great importance and has broad application prospects.

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