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what is Mycoplasma synovialis?

Mycoplasma gallisepticum (Mycoplasma) disease occurs in poultry all over the world, and can occur in any chicken age and any period of chicken. Mycoplasma synovialis (MS) is an important pathogen of respiratory diseases in chickens, and has become one of the most difficult diseases to control in chicken farms.

Mycoplasma synovialis
In recent years, Mycoplasma synovialis has occurred frequently in laying hens, which has become a "shadow" that cannot be removed from the layer breeding industry.

Mycoplasma synovialis is also known as Mycoplasma synovialis. The main manifestations of infection in laying hens are swelling of joints, dysplasia and decline of laying hens. How to effectively prevent and control the leg disease and respiratory tract problems caused by Mycoplasma synovialis has become the top priority of laying hens, especially young chicken farms.