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2020 LiMan pig raising conference ends successfully——Baolai-leelai's products show up



The 9th LiMan China pig raising conference in 2020 was successfully held in Chongqing International Expo Center from October 14 to 16. The LiMan China pig raising conference is the largest and influential event in the world and an internationally recognized exchange platform for the pig industry.



As a top enterprise in the domestic micro ecological preparation industry, Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. brings many of the latest products to the exhibition.

With the acceleration of the scale and modernization process of pig breeding industry, the pig breeding industry has further rapidly transformed and upgraded. Ecological breeding has become the only way for sustainable development of animal husbandry industry.

Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to ecological breeding and food safety for 24 years. In 2020, the company will fully implement the C-end strategy,  hot sale strategy and Top50 strategy, reach the terminal farmers, cultivate the correct concept of Ecological Breeding in the hearts of farmers, and let the good products of Bora enter every breeding area.

At the exhibition, the sales staff of Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm, gave detailed answers to the advantages and product features of Bora star products, and discussed with many new and old customers and friends about the development of animal husbandry. Many farmers and feed producers have great interest and cooperation intention in Baolai-leelai non antibiotic products.



Gubenkang 804


Compound immunopotentiator


Gubenkang 804, as a compound high-efficiency immune enhancer, relieves immunosuppression by eliminating endotoxin, scavenging free radicals, fermenting natural plants and nutritional immunity, so as to comprehensively improve the immunity of the body and keep the pigs at a high level of health. Gubenkang 804 can effectively improve the antibody titer, immune organ index, total antioxidant capacity, toxin clearance rate and other indicators.

WeiDao No.1

Special compound functional microecology for swine diarrhea


WeiDao No.1 is a special compound functional microecological preparation for swine diarrhea. It is mainly composed of mucosal immune microecology, anti infection microecology, functional prebiotics and mucosal repair factors. Mucosal immune microecology can stimulate intestinal secretion of SIgA antibody, quickly activate the mucosal immune system of pigs, and resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Specially selected Lactobacillus and other anti infective microecology can produce lactic acid, bacteriocin and other antibacterial components, which can effectively inhibit pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia coli. Functional prebiotics and mucosal repair factors can promote the proliferation of intestinal flora, repair the damaged intestinal mucosa quickly, and maintain the normal structure and function of the intestinal tract. WeiDao No.1, healthy, ecological, safe and efficient.

Jiao Lijian

Small molecule functional package for microbial enzyme fermentation


Jiao Lijian is composed of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, yeast fermentation, Aspergillus fermentation, Bacillus fermentation culture, probiotics such as Bacillus licheniformis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus lactis, phytase, protease, cellulase, xylanase and other enzyme preparations. Jiao lijian is a product that can make pigs eat more and increase feed intake by 5% - 10%. Jiao lijian is a product that can increase daily weight gain by 7% - 10% and shorten sales time by 7-10 days. Jiao lijian is a product that can reduce the feed to weight ratio from 3:1 to 2.5:1. It is also a product that can reduce harmful gas 60% - 90% and purify the ecological environment of pig house.

Taiji 8 strains


Baolai-leelai has screened 8 strains of probiotics and other probiotics in the intestines of African warthog to cooperate with fermented feed to prevent and control African swine fever. At the same time, it has carried out research on mucosal immune Microecology in cooperation with Russian Academy of natural sciences, Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign research institutes, and launched a key new product "Taiji 8 strains" fermented feed series products 。 The enriched probiotics of African Warthog screened by Bora can stimulate endogenous interferon in the intestine of domestic pigs.

Taiji 8 strains, mucosal immune fermentation feed has the following four characteristics: ① Chinese and Russian scientists joint scientific and technological research. Probiotics with high activity can enhance the secretory immunoglobulin antibody more than twice, and have stronger ability to neutralize virus and relieve immunosuppression. ② African Warthog fortified probiotics are used to control African swine fever. Together with other strains, it can quickly start mucosal immunity and enhance immune response, quickly stimulate the body to produce endogenous interferon, and eliminate pathogens at the starting point. ③ 8 strains of probiotics and natural plants were combined to establish 8 immune protective walls including respiratory tract mucosa, intestinal mucosa, lactic acid bacteria membrane, secretory immunoglobulin, interferon, interleukin, cellular immunity and humoral immunity. It can enhance the specific and non-specific immune function of the body, which is safe and efficient, and has 360 degree comprehensive immune protection. ④ Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is used to "strengthen the body and eliminate pathogenic factors, consolidate the foundation and cultivate the Yuan". Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis pilosula, honeysuckle and licorice were used as probiotics culture medium for fermentation, and the effective components after fermentation were transformed into small molecular substances, so as to improve the effect, comprehensively enhance the ability of prevention and control of African swine fever, and complement each other with 8 strains of Taiji probiotics, providing a full range of immune protection for pigs.

Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. represents the development level of China's animal micro ecological industry. In the future, we will lead the pig breeding industry to develop ecological technology, produce ecological products, build ecological pastures, open the ecological end of breeding, improve the overall value chain yield of animal industry, promote the healthy development of China's animal industry, and build an ecological harmonious society.