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The 12 benefits of Bacillus subtilis N9!(2)


6. The effect of Bacillus subtilis N9 on the respiration intensity of soil microorganisms

Studies have shown that the Bacillus subtilis N9 treated with various mass fractions have a stimulating effect on soil respiration, and the greater the Bacillus subtilis N9 mass fraction in the soil, the greater the stimulating effect on the intensity of soil respiration, namely the stimulation intensity and the mass fraction of application It is positively correlated.

7. The effect of Bacillus subtilis N9 on soil urease activity

Studies have shown that all soils treated with Bacillus subtilis N9 have a stimulating effect on soil urease. Among them, the highest mass fraction treatment (3200mg/kg dry soil) increased to the highest urease activity on the 28th day, and the stimulation rate reached 101.07%.

The mechanism of Bacillus subtilis N9 stimulating urease may be due to the addition of microbial pesticides that provide carbon sources and nutrients for the growth of microorganisms, thereby increasing the number and activity of microorganisms that produce this enzyme, and thus the activity of urease in the soil is correspondingly enhanced. .

Bacillus subtilis N9

8. Improvement of Bacillus subtilis N9 on saline soil

9. Cause physiological drought of plants

10. Improve the damage of plant tissues

11. Improve the normal nutrient absorption of plants

12. Improve the air opening and closing of plants