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Shandong Baolai-leelai Bio-Tech Co., Ltd has got the title of "China (Tai'an) intellectual property rights protection assistance center workstation"


      In recent years, Shandong Baolai-leelai Bio-Tech Co., Ltd pay great attention to intellectual property work and vigorously implements intellectual property strategy. Through a series of measures, such as establishing incentive mechanism, enhancing scientific and technological innovation, strengthening the construction of intellectual property institutions, and promoting the implementation of intellectual property standards, the company's intellectual property work has achieved rapid development, has a number of independent intellectual property rights, and significantly improved its core competitiveness. At present, the company has authorized 43 Chinese invention patents, 3 appearance patents, 88 registered trademarks and 152 standards, including 1 industry standard and 1 group standard. The company's core patent technology "key technology of functional animal microecological preparation" has been listed in the third batch of key core technology patent group of Shandong Province, and listed in one patent navigation project of Shandong Province; It has won 1 second prize of Shandong Province patent and 2 second prize of Tai'an patent.


      In order to create a good business environment and protection atmosphere for intellectual property rights, recently, "China (Tai'an) intellectual property rights protection assistance center" announced the workstation of enterprise rights protection assistance center, which is on the list of our company. The establishment of rights protection and assistance workstation will further enhance the company's ability to protect and use intellectual property rights, and help enterprises develop with high quality.