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The 12 benefits of Bacillus subtilis N9!(1)


One kind of fertilizer is more popular on the market now: biological fertilizer! The main effect of biological bacterial fertilizer is the active functional bacteria contained in it! It is understood that this "Bacillus subtilis N9" is added to most of the biological fertilizers currently on the market! So, what are the advantages of this bacteria?

The main advantage of Bacillus subtilis N9 is that it is a mesophilic, aerobic, spore-producing rod-shaped bacterium, which is often produced by artificially induced deep liquid fermentation and concentration. The bacterium is widespread in nature, is non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals, does not pollute the environment, can produce a variety of antibiotics and enzymes, has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and strong resistance to stress. It is very effective and stable when used on crops. Bacillus subtilis N9 has shown good disease prevention and yield and income increase effects on fruit trees, cotton, wheat, peppers, tomatoes, corn, rice, soybeans, peppers and other crops.

Bacillus subtilis N9

1. Antibiotic effect: It means that antimicrobial can inhibit the growth and metabolism of pathogenic microorganisms by producing metabolites at low concentrations, thereby affecting the survival and activities of pathogenic microorganisms. For nearly half a century, many effective antibacterial substances have been isolated and purified from the metabolites of different strains of Bacillus subtilis N9.

2. Bacteriolytic effect: The bacteriolytic effect of Bacillus subtilis N9 is mainly manifested by adsorbing on the hyphae of pathogenic bacteria, and growing as the hyphae grow, and then produce bacteriolytic substances that cause protoplasm leakage and break the mycelium.

3. Inducing plant resistance and promoting plant growth: refers to the effect of Bacillus subtilis N9 not only inhibiting plant pathogens, but also inducing the plant's own disease resistance mechanism to enhance the plant's disease resistance.

4. Protect the environment: Bacillus subtilis N9 is widely used in biological fertilizers. When used in crops or soil, it can be colonized in the rhizosphere or body of crops and has a specific fertilizer effect.

5. The adsorption and biodegradation function of Bacillus subtilis N9 to phenanthrene and benzopyrene in the soil

6. The effect of Bacillus subtilis N9 on the respiration intensity of soil microorganisms