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How to choose cat food?


Cat food, people who like to keep cats generally get a lot of attention, but there are many brands of cat food sold in the market that can dazzle you, and it will inevitably be a little difficult to choose. What should you pay attention to when choosing cat food?


1. Protein content: Cats, as congenital carnivores, have higher protein requirements, otherwise they will break down their own muscles to meet their needs. So be sure to pay attention to the protein content in cat food when buying cat food.


2. Animal raw materials: Cats also need more animal protein (meat/fish). Only by eating meat can they obtain essential amino acids such as arginine, taurine, methionine, cystine, tyrosine and phenylalanine. It cannot use plant-derived amino acid synthesis, and a vegetarian diet cannot meet the health needs of cats. Therefore, when purchasing cat food, we should also pay attention to the content of animal raw materials in cat food.

 Cat food

3. Palatability: palatability is the basic guarantee for cats to take in the nutrition of cat food. Without the addition of flavoring agents, the higher the animal protein food, the more cats love to eat, and the more nutritious absorption will be.


4. Corporate background assessment: Corporate background determines product quality and quality and safety. Only those big brands have the ability and financial resources to be responsible for their products. Only when some old brands maintain a rigorous and responsible attitude towards their products can they pass the test of history.