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Favorite of feed additive

Microecological preparation microecological preparation (also known as probiotics and live bacteria preparation) refers to the live bacteria preparation which is composed of many beneficial microorganisms and their metabolites, which can directly feed animals. It has the functions of adjusting or maintaining the microecological balance from the intestinal tract, improving and enhancing the immunity of the body, reducing the occurrence of diseases, promoting the growth of animals or increasing the feed conversion rate, and protecting the environment. At the same time, it has the advantages of non-toxic side effects, no residue, no drug resistance, low cost and remarkable effect.

Antibiotics have been used as feed additives for 50 years, and they are the most widely used additives in feed. The use of antibiotics will not only lead to the decline of animal immune function, but also the long-term use of antibiotics will remain and accumulate in animals, which will directly affect the health of human beings. Microecological agent is a new type of microbial agent. As a potential substitute for antibiotics, microecological agent has a broad application prospect in animal husbandry and has attracted more and more attention of the world.

How do microecological agents work?

Anaerobic bacteria are the dominant bacteria in the intestinal tract of livestock and poultry. The beneficial aerobic microorganisms in microecological agents consume the oxygen in the intestinal tract, reduce the concentration of oxygen in the intestinal tract, provide a suitable growth environment for the anaerobic bacteria in the intestinal tract, promote the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, restore the balance of intestinal microecology, and achieve therapeutic effect.

Barrier mechanism microorganisms in probiotics can competitively inhibit the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to intestinal epithelial cells, compete with pathogens for nutrients and ecological sites, thus effectively preventing the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

The application of microecological agents can activate the activity of rumen bacteria, enhance the reproduction rate of beneficial bacteria, stabilize the pH value of rumen, so as to regulate the rumen internal environment, accelerate the hydrolysis of feed protein, promote the absorption of rumen peptide, increase the production of bacterial protein, and improve the feed utilization rate and nutrient digestibility.

The microorganisms in microecological agents have the function of non-specific immune factors, which can stimulate the host cells in the intestinal tract, activate the host immune system, and then improve the antibody level or macrophage activity of animals, effectively improve the immune level of animals, and enhance the resistance of the organism.

Dominant population mechanism When the animal is in a healthy state, the probiotics in the intestinal tract are in a dominant position. Once the probiotic population loses its dominant position, this balance will be broken, resulting in animal disease. Some scholars reported that the use of microecological agents can supplement or restore the dominant flora, so as to achieve a new balance of the maladjusted microecological state and make the animal recover Health status. In addition, microecological agents also have the function of biodegradation and anti heat stress. The microorganisms in microecological agents can degrade the harmful metabolites in animal organism into non-toxic organic substances or into nutrients needed by microorganisms through their own life activities such as oxidation, reduction, synthesis, etc., to form new substances; microecological agents can improve dairy cows in high temperature environment It can reduce the decline of milk production in summer and improve the lactation performance of dairy cows. Therefore, microecological agents play an important role in promoting the growth and development of animals and production performance, and also play a certain role in protecting the ecological environment.

With the deepening of the research on microecological agents, microecological agents will play an important role in feed industry and green breeding, so as to replace antibiotics and become the favorite in feed additives.