Industry News

  • Feed mildew is actually the result of a large number of mold growth and reproduction. On the one hand, mold growth consumes nutrients in the feed (grain), which reduces the available nutrients for poultry, and the more serious is the mold reproduction process. The toxins produced in it can cause animal poisoning.


  • The production of silage depends on the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria.


  • Recently, due to the influence of international trade competition, the price of feed materials has soared, especially the price of large raw materials: corn and soybean meal.


  • Silage fermentation is a complex process of microbial activities and biochemical changes.


  • At present, the breeding environment of mutton sheep is relatively poor, and they are all located in rural areas. They are mainly farmed by retail households, and there are relatively few intensive and large-scale farms.


  • The temperature is gradually rising, but the bird flu still does not mean to abate. It occurs frequently at home and abroad, and the phenomenon of human infection in Russia should be taken seriously!