Feed additives for laying hens Manufacturers

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  • The enzyme production activity of Lactic acid bacteria feed additive for laying hens is 30-40 times higher than that of the previous, and the rapid enzyme production period is increased by 4 hours, which is very important for laying hens, because the intestinal tract of laying hens is short, the feed utilization rate is low, and the rapid enzyme production can promote digestion.
    Two strains of lactic acid bacteria metabolize lactic acid and butyric acid, acidify the intestine, inhibit harmful bacteria, repair damaged intestinal mucosa, metabolize antimicrobial peptides, and have broad-spectrum anti infection.Yeast, cell wall adsorption of toxins and pathogens, metabolism of enzymes, bacterial protein, B vitamins and so on. Soybean meal, bran and other conventional feed materials for laying hens were selected to ensure that the nutritional indexes of feed materials were improved after fermentation, the proportion of soluble protein was increased by 20% - 30%, and the apparent digestibility of protein was increased by 9%, which could replace 0.5% - 1% soybean meal.

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