Bacillus Subtilis N9
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Bacillus Subtilis N9

Bacillus Subtilis N9 is a high-performance strain optimized by "space breeding" process. Bacillus Subtilis N9 has excellent characteristics such as high enzyme yield, high bacteriocin yield.

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Product Description

[Main Ingredients]    Bacillus subtilis N9, carrier.

[Total viable bacteria]  ≥5.00×10^9CFU/g.

[Applicable object]    Various varieties of Marine freshwater aquaculture.

[Product Features]

Bacillus Subtilis N9 is a high-performance strain optimized by "space breeding" process. It has excellent characteristics such as high enzyme yield, high bacteriocin yield, high decomposition ability, high alginolytic ability, low oxygen consumption, wide temperature, wide salinity and so on, and has been awarded a national invention patent.

Bacillus Subtilis N9 powder is produced by advanced technologies such as "deep liquid fermentation of single strain" and "spray drying", with high content, purity, spore rate and regeneration rate.

 Bacillus Subtilis N9

[Instructions for Use]

1, Bacillus Subtilis N9 can water improve quality, regulation of black water, red water, turbidity water and other bad water color, degradation of ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and other harmful substances, the whole pool sprinkling 80-100 g/(mu · m), water quality deterioration 150-200 g/(mu · m).

2, bottom improvement, decomposition of residual bait feces, to prevent bottom corruption, fever, black, prevent soil hardening, 100 g /

(mu · m).

3. Inhibit algae and control moss, inhibit the reproduction of bad algae and lichen, decompose dead grass and rotten moss, 200-500 grams/(mu · m).

4. Bacillus Subtilis N9 can protect and strengthen the intestines, regulate intestinal flora, produce enzymes to aid digestion, and tolerate high temperature granulation (2 g/kg).

5, auxiliary fertilizer and water, mix well with fertilizer, sprinkle the whole pool, 30-50 grams/(mu · m).

6. Bioinhibition, inhibition of harmful bacteria and red circle and other explosive proliferation, 2-5 g/m3.

7. If there are fermentation conditions, the product can be used as a strain.


1. Use Bacillus Subtilis N9 in the morning on a sunny day.

2. With the use of "ozone water safety" and "basal oxygen", the effect is better.

3, high temperature weather, the pond oxygen consumption mainly comes from the deterioration of the environment at the bottom of the pond water, when the dissolved oxygen is insufficient, to cooperate with oxygen increasing measures.

[Storage method] Store in a cool, dry, ventilated and dark place.

[Shelf life] The shelf life of the original package product is 24 months.


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