Product Application

Probiotic products for animals:

We focus on animal microecology technology and solutions, relying on the core technology fields such as immune microecology, anti-infection microecology, nutrition microecology, and environmental microecology, and provide feed antibiotic substitutes for the feed aquaculture industry.

In the non-specific immune microecology, a product named V7 has been launched. This product is suitable for pig all growing stages. It can enhance the intestinal flora barrier function, improve the biological antagonistic effect, stimulate the intestinal and systemic mucosal immune system, quickly start the cascade immune response, and have the effects of specific and non-specific dual immune protection. It has received good market feedback.  

On the issue of avian influenza, we have launched a specific mucosal immune microecological preparation - Tai: it can improve the ability of poultry body to resist the attack of avian influenza virus, and significantly improve the titer of avian influenza antibody and the content of sIgA in trachea and intestine of poultry.

Using the leading research and development results of animal microecology, we have successively launched products including "anti-infective microecology + bacterial antimicrobial peptide + mucosal immune microecology" - T3 and other products. Among them, T3 is the fifth generation of anti-infective microecological agents, which can completely replace the feed antibiotics.

Besides, we have nutritive microecological products - MeiDan, which is a premix feed for ruminants such as cattle and sheep, which is rich in vitamins and mineral trace elements. We have environmental microecological products - PenShubao, which is a kind of aerosol microecology to improve the environment. It can significantly reduce the concentration of ammonia and other harmful gases in livestock and poultry houses, reduce the odor of feces, and improve the air quality of livestock and poultry houses.

We also have special pet food and health products. Our products: cattle, sheep, pig, horse, fox, mink, chicken, duck, goose, fish, crab, shrimp, sea cucumber, dog, cat and other animals.