Our History

In 1997, the first product: E- probiotics were produced

In 2000, undertook the project of "863 Plan" of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China


In 2003, the 18th scientific and technological experimental satellite carried a strain producing enzyme, probiotics and biological E protein


In 2004, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise; the first batch of probiotics entered the EU market through the company in the Netherlands


In2007, the E-probiotics were exported to Singapore and began to develop the Southeast Asian market

In 2014, the technical research of functional microecological agents won the third prize of science and technology progress of Shandong Province


In 2015, the code of listed securities of the national small and medium enterprises stock transfer system: 831827


In 2018, "Baolai-Leelai and its pictures" was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and commerce


In 2019, Baolai-Leelai Institute of biology was awarded the excellent Key Laboratory of animal microecological preparation in Shandong Province