Phosphate-Solubilizing Microorganism Agent

Phosphate-solubilizing microorganism agent are developed for phosphorus deficient soil, ineffective phosphorus soil and insoluble phosphate soil. Insoluble phosphate is difficult to be absorbed by plants.
Therefore, phosphate solubilizing microbial agents have always been concerned by researchers.

Phosphate-solubilizing microorganism agent can be used in saline alkali soil and seriously salinized land.

Phosphate-solubilizing microorganism agentUsage method:Topdressing application: it is used in the critical period of crop growth and the period of maximum nutrient absorption efficiency.

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  • Amino Acid Type Flush Fertilization With Microbial Inoculum is jointly developed by the Institute of biology of Shandong Baolai-leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd., the Agricultural College of Cornell University, the quilf Research Institute of the Ministry of agriculture of Canada, the Agricultural University. The number of live bacteria in Amino Acid Type Flush Fertilization With Microbial Inoculum is ≥ 200 million / m.

  • Liquid Compound Microbial Agent is composed of five probiotics and their metabolites. Liquid Compound Microbial Agent can prevent soil borne diseases, promote root development, improve soil structure and increase nutrient absorption.

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