Pet Food Manufacturers

Baolai-Leelai was set up formally in 2003.As a professional China Pet Food manufacturers and China Pet Food factory,Baolai-Leelai is strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. Our experienced engineers enable us to meet your customized requirements. With an annual enough production capacity, we can fill your bulk orders with ease. We sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.

Our pet food mainly includes two categories: cat food and dog food. The biggest feature of our pet food is the addition of probiotics. Probiotics help to regulate the intestinal tract of animals, maintain the balance of flora and help digestion.

Pet food has the characteristics of safety, convenience, taste diversity and palatability.

Pet food is widely used in pet farms, pet hospitals, family pet raising and other fields.

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  • Full Nutrition Puppy And Female Dog Food can microecological formulation,Promote the balance of intestinal flora, enhance immunity and resist infection

  • Full Nutrition Kitten And Female Cat Food can microecological formulation,promote the balance of intestinal flora, enhance immunity and resist infection.

  • Besides grinding teeth for dogs, Pet Snacks Canine Chew Beef Stick can also help dogs clean their teeth. When dogs eat chews stick, they can clean away the tartar on their teeth. Eating Pet Snacks Canine Chew Beef Stick often can also maintain the oral hygiene of dogs, reduce the occurrence of oral diseases, and exercise the bite force of dogs.

  • Egg yolk in Pet Snacks Yolk Beef Granules is rich in fat, including neutral fat, lecithin, cholesterol, etc.Beef in Pet Snacks Yolk Beef Granules can improve the disease resistance of pets, and probiotics can solve the problem of pet's bad breath.

  • Pet Snacks Lecithin Beef Granuleses are soft, elastic and palatable. The particles are uniform. Lecithin has the function of nourishing pet skin and bright fur. Pet Snacks Lecithin Beef Granuleses can supplement pet intestinal probiotics, regulate intestinal health.

  • Complete Nutrition Cat Food For All Breeds can regulate the balance of digestive tract flora.No grain was added to reduce the allergic reaction to grain bran.Complete Nutrition Cat Food For All Breeds adds fruits and vegetables, nutrition and health.Add manganese, copper, iron, zinc ions to protect fur health.

Latest selling Pet Food made in China has the newest style.It is fashion, advanced, cheap and durable. Discount Pet Food is with a low price.It can be made in Shandong Baolai-Leelai Bio-Tech Co. which is one of the China Pet Food manfacturers and China Pet Food suppliers in China. Don't worry about the price, we can give the price list.