Nutritional Probiotics Preparation

Nutritional Probiotics Preparation can maintain the micro ecological environment of gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the synergy between different strains, promote the growth and metabolism of intestinal microorganisms, effectively improve the intestinal environment, enhance the buffer capacity of the intestine, and reduce the risk of intestinal skill disorder and related diseases caused by the sharp drop of pH value.

Nutritional Probiotics Preparation can improve production performance: by improving feed conversion rate and the number and activity of rumen microbial flora, it can shorten the fattening cycle or increase the number of slaughter points; it can also effectively regulate amino acid metabolism and fat metabolism.

Nutritional Probiotics Preparation can improve disease resistance: beneficial microorganisms can effectively stimulate intestinal mucosal immunity, and then improve the body's autoimmune function, reduce diarrhea and other diseases.
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