Microecological Modulator

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Microecological modulator is based on the principle of microecology, which is made of normal microorganisms, their metabolites or growth promoting substances that are beneficial to the host. It can adjust and maintain the microecological balance and improve the health status of the host through enzyme action, antibacterial, adhesion colonization and biological barrier.

Microecological modulator mainly includes probiotics, prebiotics, and the mixture of probiotics and prebiotics synbiotics.

Microecological modulator have good preventive and therapeutic effects on regulating intestinal flora imbalance and improving microecological environment. They can be divided into two categories: the first Microecological modulator is the living bacteria preparation, which uses the live bacteria which are harmless or even beneficial to the host to antagonize the external bacteria, overcome the imbalance of the flora, and partially replace the antibiotics in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Generally, they are not used with antibiotics.The second Microecological modulator is dead bacteria or their metabolites, which can also regulate intestinal flora imbalance and can be used with antibiotics.

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