Growth Promoting Bacteria Preparation

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Rhizosphere growth promoting bacteria, which can directly or indirectly promote plant growth, increase crop yield, control diseases and insect pests.

The main mechanisms of rhizosphere growth promoting bacteria include: effective colonization in roots, antagonistic effect on harmful microorganisms, superiority in nutrition competition of rhizosphere, especially competition for iron, secreting plant hormones to promote plant growth, inducing plant system resistance and secreting enzymes that degrade pathogenic microorganisms.

There are two kinds of commercial products: Living Preparation and metabolite preparation. In order to improve the colonization level and biocontrol effect of rhizosphere growth promoting bacteria products, it is necessary to appropriately increase the dosage of bacterial agents, or use the combination and mixture of strains, combined with other methods to promote plant growth and maintain ecological balance.

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  • Microbial Agents Of Rapid Regulation And Rapid Supplement Type is composed of nutrient promoting bacteria with high enzyme activity and biocontrol and disease resistant bacteria, with effective viable bacteria number of more than 1 billion / g.Microbial Agents Of Rapid Regulation And Rapid Supplement Type is rich in highly active humic acid and trace elements.

  • Bottom Application Microbial Agent is composed of nutrition promoting bacteria and disease resistant strains, with humic acid, mushroom bran and tobacco foam as the main raw materials, Bottom Application Microbial Agent is rich in silicon, calcium, magnesium and other medium and trace elements, the content of highly active bio organic matter is more than 55%.

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