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Feed additives of removing mildew can efficiently degrade mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, zearalenone, and vomitotoxin in feed, and it has the functions of enhancing liver detoxification and enhancing animal immunity.

Feed additives of removing mildew  consists of Pediococcus lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum and its metabolites, montmorillonite powder, etc. It can effectively absorb and degrade mycotoxins in feed, especially for the most toxic and widely distributed aflatoxins.

Feed additives of removing mildew for the first time, it combines the physical adsorption of hydrated aluminosilicate and the biological adsorption function of lactic acid bacteria. The adsorption capacity is more than 95%, which can minimize the mycotoxin content in the feed.

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  • The enzyme production activity of Lactic acid bacteria feed additive for laying hens is 30-40 times higher than that of the previous, and the rapid enzyme production period is increased by 4 hours, which is very important for laying hens, because the intestinal tract of laying hens is short, the feed utilization rate is low, and the rapid enzyme production can promote digestion.
    Two strains of lactic acid bacteria metabolize lactic acid and butyric acid, acidify the intestine, inhibit harmful bacteria, repair damaged intestinal mucosa, metabolize antimicrobial peptides, and have broad-spectrum anti infection.Yeast, cell wall adsorption of toxins and pathogens, metabolism of enzymes, bacterial protein, B vitamins and so on. Soybean meal, bran and other conventional feed materials for laying hens were selected to ensure that the nutritional indexes of feed materials were improved after fermentation, the proportion of soluble protein was increased by 20% - 30%, and the apparent digestibility of protein was increased by 9%, which could replace 0.5% - 1% soybean meal.

  • Immune Enhancing Feed Additive For Pig Growth has the function of promoting the growth of animals, astragalus polysaccharide as a feed additive can significantly improve the growth rate of pigs and enhance the body resistance.

  • Growth-promoting Feed Additive For Pigs To Degrade Mycotoxins can not only effectively inhibit the growth of mold and reduce the production of mycotoxins, but also degrade some mycotoxins to achieve the detoxification effect.

  • Feed Additives To Promote The Growth Of Growing-finishing Pigs can can quickly supplement the vitamins and trace elements and other nutrients that the pig needs, improve the ability of pig's anti stress, enhance the pig body's resistance to disease,

  • Feed Additives For Promoting Growth Of Piglets can Increase the daily gain of piglets, reduce the feed-to-weight ratio, increase the feed conversion rate.

  • Feed Additives To Promote The Growth Of Lactating Sows can reduce the phenomenon of fat loss of lactating sows and improve the estrus mating rate of sows after weaning.

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