Ensiling Agent

Baolai-Leelai is a famous China Ensiling Agent manufacturers and China Ensiling Agent suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Feed Additive, Probiotics Powder, Animal Feed Additive.Our annual productivity is 20,000 tons of animal probiotics per year.We have 5 production lines, all production lines have adequate quality control.

Wholesale Ensiling agent can use water-soluble carbohydrates to produce lactic acid in large quantities in a short period of time with high efficiency. Manually control the silage process and reduce the pH to an appropriate range in the shortest time. Ensiling agent can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, thereby reducing the aerobic mildew of silage after opening the silo.

Ensiling agent is suitable for the silage of ruminants such as cattle and sheep.

How to use ensiling agent : 10 g  dissolved in 2-5 kg of water was evenly sprayed on 1 ton of feed to be silaged.

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  • Silage Inoculant Bacteria is an international (American) advanced agricultural science and technology project. Silage Inoculant Bacteria is suitable for silage of cattle, sheep and other ruminants. The net content is 100g. Through the contrast test, feeding 1 ton of silage treated with this product can increase the weight of beef cattle by 6.7 pounds, 3.2 pounds, and milk by 47 pounds and 23 pounds respectively.

  • Our Ensiling Agent For Dairy Cows contains 400 million lactic acid bacteria per gram.excellent homofermentative lactic acid strains can use water-soluble carbohydrates to produce a large amount of lactic acid in a short period, with high efficiency, and reduce the pH value and the content of butyric acid and ammoniacal nitrogen in the shortest time to improve Fermentation quality, better dry matter recovery.

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