Disinfection Water

Baolai-Leelai is a professional China Disinfection Water manufacturers and China Disinfection Water suppliers.We are  focus on Feed Additive, Probiotics Powder, Animal Feed Additive.Our sales market includes North America, South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, West Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, and so on.Our probiotic products for human use are welcomed by Russian distributors and have sold hundreds of boxes.

Disinfection Water is independently developed on the basis of introducing advanced technology from Japan. This disinfection water have passed the inspection and audit of Shandong health and Health Commission and the third-party testing agency, and conform to the provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and the disinfection management measures.

Main ingredients of disinfection water:disinfection electrolysis water, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium elements, micro-chlorine (100~200ppm). Disinfection water is produced using advanced Japanese technology, rich in small molecule water and electrolyzed traces of new ecological oxygen, efficient and other highly oxidizing substances. It has the function of quickly killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria, fungi and viruses. It has the characteristics of fast sterilization, safety and reliability, no residual poison, and environmental protection.

Sterilization principle of disinfection water: Disinfection of electrolyzed water and hypochlorous acid have small molecules and can pass through the cell plasma membrane smoothly. They can not only act on the cell wall, but also enter the cell easily,infiltrating bacteria, fungi and viruses, oxidation reaction occurs with bacteria or viral body proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes, which destroys the enzyme system of bacteria, hinders the metabolism of bacteria, and thus kills hospital microorganisms. At the same time, the new oxygen and available chlorine produced by electrolysis were used to kill the pathogen, and the efficiency was higher than 99.999%.

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